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Behaviour Management Training

Sherralyn Drury | School Support Staff Training

Sherralyn Drury Training 4 Schools has been established to fill a training need for Support Staff in school communities. These vital people whether Lunchtime Supervisors, Midday Assistants, Learning Support Assistants, Learning Mentors, members of the Pastoral Team or Teaching Assistants all deserve the very best training to help enable and support educational and pastoral best practice.


In my own personal experience, finding quality training for Support Staff was challenging and as a result I filled the gap with specifically written, bespoke training that has developed County Award Winning staff. Now you too can benefit from my many years of experience to develop your school staff into confident, enthusiastic, motivated and well-resourced individuals.


Since September 2015, Ofsted have placed a greater emphasis on Break time and Lunchtime provisions. I provided outstanding school support staff training that can be tailored to your schools individual needs that will help enhance these provisions


I have specialised in School Support Staff Training for over 14 years and absolutely love what I do. I have developed ‘workable’ strategies such as a Restorative Justice Approach for dealing with bullying and a Whole School Reward and Sanction System whereby every child in the school knows and understands the behaviour policy. I have created a Playleader Scheme that has seen over 250 children, from one particular school, receive a prestigious anti-bullying award. Transition across Key Stages is a vital part of children’s schooling and I can offer practical training to support these stages too.


Valuing Support Staff is Valuing Children.


Support Staff deserve the very best possible training and Sherralyn Drury Training 4 Schools can provide it.

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